Looking for a perfect gift for someone special? We’ve got you covered with stylish holiday gifts for all your favorite ladies (and even a few to keep all to yourself).


Gifts for Your Sister


What sibling rivalry, right? Your sister is your BFF for life, so treat her to holiday gifts that you know she’ll adore. Buy her that bomber jacket she’s been eyeing, tuck a gift card into a patchwork clutch, or give her a pair of 24K gold-plated hoops for elevated jewelry she’ll wear on the regular.


Gifts for Your Mom


She’s your biggest fan (and she gave you the gift of life), so give her a gift that keeps on giving. A slouchy carryall bag keeps everything she needs close at hand, a cozy cardigan is like a daily hug, and a pair of sparkly studs puts her in the spotlight — right where she belongs.


Gifts for Your Friends


Keep your gals looking pretty in pink with blushing accessories they’ll wear time and time again, or give them high-shine jewelry that demands a night out on the town.


Gifts for the Stocking


You know what they say: The best things come in small packages. Stuff their stockings with tiny but mighty holiday gifts like pompom slippers, dainty earrings, and cold weather essentials.

Gifts for You


You’ve been a good girl all year long, so make sure Santa brings you what you want most by shopping for it yourself. Whether it’s a fluffy faux-fur stole, an embellished bag, or a statement necklace that’s made to turn heads, the best gift of the season is the one you give yourself.