Ok, picture this. You come home and there’s a pile of new fashion magazines on your doorstep or waiting in your mailbox. Cue the obligatory, “YESSSS!


Now, times that by 20 and that’s the feeling we get (and mostly likely you too) with the new September issues. It’s a mixture of pure fashion bliss, outfit-mkaking anticipation and the world kind of pauses as you flip through the crisp pages (maybe with a glass of wine in hand).



That’s why we’re so over the moon about our multiple mentions in our favorite magazines and we couldn’t wait to share with all of you. Keep scrolling and enjoy!



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Instyle Cover .jpg

Image via InStyle Magazine



YES: The September Issue of InStyle Magazine has landed! We’re over the moon thrilled to have our best-selling Wynn heels featured in “Instant Style” with the iconic Julia Roberts as the cover girl. With its sleek leather and (dare we say sexy) cut out silhouette, it’s no wonder it was spotlighted as the easy way to master minimalism.



Instyle Master Minimalism .jpg

Image via InStyle Magazine