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Our Fashion Director Darlene shares how she’s starting June and her new daily style affirmations.



Images via: HonestlyWTF, Met Museum, Anne Louise, Martha McQuade


“Floral ON floral? Yes you can and it looks incredible. Particularly amazing as a two piece ensemble, head wrap or pared-back accessory. It just makes everything more fun.”




Images via: FlowersCrackConcrete, Squidoo, Women’s Fund Central Ohio, Imgur



“Confidence rules. Maya Angelou has always been one of my biggest pick-me-up inspirations. The quote above is hands-down my favorite and this a tribute to the literary icon. ┬áMy dream dinner party guest list would be Maya, Kim Gordon (from Sonic Youth) and Chrissie Hymd (from The Prentenders). Best. Dinner. Convo. Talk. Ever.”