Photos via (clockwise): ThenLetItBe.com; Aritzia.com; FrenchVoguettes.com; 24HoursOfHappy.com; TopShop.com


The wants, needs and loves from Darlene, our Fashion Director.


1. Hello, Spring Moto: “It’s THE jacket for spring. Edgy yet feminine, and easy to incorporate into your wardrobe.” Get The Look: Aritzia Jacket or Topshop Jacket.


2. Ring It Up: “There’s something so cool about rings on every finger. I like to mix it up with different stones and metals.” Get The Look: Layered Cutout Rings or Linear Amethyst Ring.


3. Because I’m Happy: “I can’t stop watching Pharrell’s video. It instantly makes me start dancing and feel, well…happy!” Watch, listen and dance here.